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Il futuro sulle spalle, interviewed by Monica Pierulivo. Nautilus, 30 December 2023. (link)

Profezie alla fine della storia, interviewed by Alessandro Mantovani. Il Tascabile, 7 December 2023. (link)

TerraForma (film), Silverstrand Productions 2023 (trailer)

Lucio Fontana: A Delicate Violence  (film), directed by Reuben Henry, produced by Phillips. June 2023 (link).

Uomini e Profeti: Cultura profetica, interviewed by Felice Cimatti. Rai Radio 3, 11 June 2023. (link)

Cultura profetica. Un dialogo con Federico Campagna, interviewed by Francesco d'Isa, CheFare, 7 June 2023. (link)

Luma interviews Federico Campagna, 2023. (video)

V zadnjem času se veliko govori o koncu sveta, kar ni slabo, interviewed by  Irena Štaudohar, Sobotna priloga - Delo, 25 February 2023.

Is beauty in the grips of political propaganda?, Spike Magazine, #74, February 2023.

Federico Campagna e Francesco Fusaro: dialogo su "La favola della realtà", November 2022. (video)

LAWKI (Life as we know it), with ARK collective, October 2022.

Against Everyone with Conner Habib, September 2022. (link)

“El hombre moderno es muy supersticioso. Se deja gobernar por todo, incluso por los valores financieros”, with Esther Peñas, Ctxt Contexto y Accion, 06 June 2022 (link)

'Siamo Sempre Inattuali', with Daniela Cotimbo, Inside Art, no. 124, April 2022. (link)

'Futuro Antico', with Marco Bassan, Artribune, 26 January 2022. (link)

'Prophecies for the End of Westernized Modernity', with Yannis-Orestis Papadimitriou, Movement Radio, January 2022 (link)

'Federico Campagna. Magia e tecnica', Rai Cultura, September 2021. (link)

'Magia e Tecnica', with Andrea Colamedici, Associazione Tlon, July 2021. (link)

'Prophetic Culture', with Andrea Bellini, Flash Art Italia, #353 Estate 2021, July 2021. (link)

'Prophetic Culture', with Andrea Bellini, Flash Art International, #335 Summer 2021, July 2021. (link)

'Voi, Secondo Noi', with Francesco Monico, Vogue Italia, July 2021. (link)

'Vivi da Immortale!", with Davide Brullo, L'Intellettuale Dissidente. 29 June 2021 (link)

'Un'Altra Idea di Magia', with Francesco d'Isa, L'Indiscreto. 23 June 2021 (link)

'Magia e Tecnica. Conversazione con Federico Campagna', with Laura Tripaldi, Kobo. 22 June 2021 (link)

Let's Play: It’s Winter (2019), with Ilia Mazo, curated by Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli. Russian Pavillion, 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, Venice, Italy / May-November 2021 (link).

Theatrum Mundi, with Chiara Ambrosio and Andrea Cetrulo. June 2021 (audio part 1 and part 2)

Mark Rothko: Black Blue & Elsewhere (film), directed by Reuben Henry, produced by Phillips. April 2021 (link).

Norient, The Last Breath of Happiness in Europe, interviewed by Francesco Fusaro. 9 April 2021 (link).

QU3 I Quaderni di U3, Michele Cerruti But intervista Federico Campagna, No. 22, February 2021 (link)

War Machine, Iconographic Anarchism, Mathew Barker interviews Federico Campagna (audio, part one, part two)

Mousse Magazine, World-ing, or: How to Embrace the End of an Era, Sofia Lemos interviews Federico Campagna, September 2020.

Icon Design, Federico Campagna e l’ingegneria della realtà, Valentina Lonati interviews Federico Campagna, February 2019.

The Rare Event (film), with Etienne Balibar, Federico Campagna, Timothy Morton, Jean-Luc Nancy, Elizabeth Povinelli, Gayatri Spivak et al. Directed by Ben Rivers and Ben Russell. 2018 (link).

Juliet Art Magazine, Il Futuro tra Nuove Tecnologie e Immaginario, Luciano Marucci interviews Federico Campagna, n.185, December 2017/January 2018 (in Italian).

Yanez, Di Decadenza e Anarchia, Paola Moretti interviews Federico Campagna. 2017 (in Italian).

Arte e Critica, On Magic, Teodora Pasquinelli interviews Federico Campagna and Adelita Husni-Bey, September 2017.

Prismo Magazine, Contro il Pop, Paolo Mossetti interviews Federico Campagna, January 2017 (in Italian).

Brexitannia (film), by Timothy George Kelly, featuring Noam Chomsky, Saskia Sassen, Guy Standing, Nick Srnicek, Heidi Mirza & Federico Campagna. 2017 (Trailer).

Especial ACCA: entrevista a Federico Campagna in A*DESK, November 2016 (in Spanish).

Federico Campagna: una defensa de los estudios culturales in Mundo Critico, Revista Leteraria, March 2014 (in Spanish and in English).

Autonomia: 1968 to the ‘Year of ’77’, interviewed by Aaron Bastani, Novara Media, July 2011 (audio).

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