The Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève presents Overmorrow’s Library, a podcast series by Federico Campagna. The library for "the day after tomorrow" is dedicated to books and authors whose work explores the limits of the "world" as the frame of sense through which our consciousness experiences the chaos of reality. Each new episode presents a book that engages with the challenge of world-making, with the end-time of a world, or with the eternal unworldly. Spanning mysticism, politics, mythology, philosophy, video-game design and more, the shelves of Overmorrow’s Library are a space for experimenting with the apocalypse, and with the ignition of new cosmogonies.

The entire podcast series is available on Spotify.

Episode 1: Overmorrow’s Library – online.

Episode 2: Franco Berardi Bifo, "The Third Unconscious" – online.

Episode 3: Franco Berardi Bifo on the contemporary psychosphere – online.

Episode 4: Simone Weil, "The Iliad or the Poem of Force" – online.

Episode 5: Julia Gale on Simone Weil’s life and mysticism – online.

Episode 6: Stefano Gualeni, "Virtual Worlds as Philosophical Tools" – online.

Episode 7: Stefano Gualeni on how to philosophize with a digital hammer – online.

Episode 8: Frances Yates, "The Art of Memory" – online.

Episode 9: Bill Sherman on Frances Yates and Aby Warburg – online.

Episode 10: Henry Corbin, "History of Islamic Philosophy" – online.

Episode 11: Tom Cheetham on Henry Corbin and James Hillman – online.

Episode 12: Russel Hoban, "Riddley Walker".

Episode 13: Sarah Shin and Ben Vickers on otherworldly imagination.

Episode 14: Pavel Florenksy, "Reversed Perspective".

Episode 15: Fr.Paul Butler on radical theology.

Episode 16: Elemire Zolla, "Children's Awe" and Cristina Campo, "On the Fable".

Episode 17: Arturo Campagna on children's literature.

Episode 18: Francesco Fusaro on musical cosmologies.

(and more...)